Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Exercise Body Cleansing the Liquid Diet Way

Cleaning up your body using liquid diet program is a healthy way to eliminate the poisonous substance in the human body, like nicotine from cigar, preservatives coming from the food we eat, and pollution in the air we breathe. Liquid cleansing is best during spring time, since they depend on mostly on fresh vegetable and fruit
extract. Additionally, fresh juices in the summer and spring can be energizing in the hot sunny weather condition. Practicing this will help eliminates digestive troubles, including weight increase, bloating, and will add up great amount of energy in your body's metabolism.

Here are the steps on how to do a liquid diet cleansing!

1. Start in the morning time. Instantly after you arouse from bed, begin your day by squeezing freshly made lemon juice into a regular glass of warm water. Because we all know that cold water isn't right for the body. The lemon extract will begin allowing production of bile in the liver.

2. Create yourself a smoothie using fresh veggie or fruit before lunch. Combine some of your favorite vegetables and put ice on it. Add up lemon juice as for acid flavor and linseed for extra fiber. You can buy linseed at any nearest health or wellness store.

3. Drinking a glass of 100%t natural fruit juice as a regular snack. Take one glass of lukewarm water with a nip of added chlorophyll. Since chlorophyll is an effective detoxifier and antioxidant. You can buy chlorophyll at your nearest health store.

4. Cook a pureed, warm veggie soup for dinner. Try to prepare carrot, celery or pumpkin soup, with additional sesame oil as flavor. As for dessert, make yourself a different fruit smoothie, and use another fruit this time.

Checkout strawberries and bananas for a sweetly treat.

5. Duplicate these steps every day for at least of five days and up to one week maximum. Cleanse your body using a liquid diet plan six times a year to achieve optimum health benefits.