Sunday, April 25, 2010

Expert's Advice on Clear Liquid Diet and Full Liquid Diet

There might be times in one's life when you may need to go through a clear liquid diet that requires doctor supervision. Patients who are preparing to undergo endoscopic examination of the colon, visual examination of sigmoid colon, stomach x-ray, or general physical examination. You might as well ask to be put on a clear liquid diet whenever you have difficulty eating solid foods for a few days after an internal surgery.

No matter what the demand for a clear liquid diet, there's an explanation, why your doctor assign it for you. This clear liquid diet reserves your body to remain hydrated. Moreover, this kind of diet doesn't leave any traces of residue in your stomach and intestines.

There are a couple of things to contemplate about this specific liquid diet. The following are things to consider while using a clear liquid diet.

• Phone your personal doctor whenever you feel pain because of cramps around the
stomach area.
• This type of diet should be regulated. Remember that it doesn't contain the proper
or right nutrition that requires by your body at any given period.
• The amount of liquid needed by your body will depend on the advice of your
doctor. If the doctor told you to use this specified amount on a given day, you
should not exceed beyond that.

Clear liquids are simply those you are able to see translucently in a glass.
Here are few examples which may benefit you before you begin consuming these liquids.

• Fruit extract or juices without the pulp - these juices can be made up of orange,
grape, apple or cranberry.
• Fish or meat broth without any form of solids on it - these might be fat free
soup, bouillon and few others.
• Clear tea, water, coffee, and a couple of energy drinks.

If you are on a clear liquid diets try to keep yourself away from the following:

• Fruit juices including its pulp
• Soups made up of cream with pieces of solids like meat and vegetables
• Fruit and vegetables in their solid state
• Different dairy products such as eggs and milk.
• Wheat, bread, oats, etc.

Remember to stick to your doctor's advice whenever you are taking a clear liquid diet in preparation for medical procedure or surgery to avoid any problem before you get started.

About a full liquid diet

You should not be baffled about full liquid diet with clear liquid diet. Full liquid diet is often use when shifting from clear liquid diet before consuming real solid foods.

If the clear liquid diet doesn't contain protein and calories that your body needs while the full liquid diet becomes the opposite. With full liquid diet what you have avoided can now be consider as part of your liquid diet meals.
With this kind of diet, you can drink or eat the following food below:

• Vegetables or fruit juices with pulp
• Milkshakes, smoothies and milk
• Ice cream, custard cake, gelatin
• Cereals, oats, wheat with added liquids on it
• Flavorings in liquid form such as syrup, honey, etc.

Your personal doctor might also like to include some dietary supplements to boost your calorie and protein consumption.

It is valuable to consume a wide variety of these foods which are made up of liquid. Your may ask for a few suggestions from your doctor to fulfill this.
Always remember to follow your doctor's advice weather you are going to apply clear liquid or full liquid in your diet.