Friday, December 25, 2009

Medifast Diet - How Does It Work?

Medifast diet is currently one of the popular liquid diets when it comes to its fast weight loss program. If you don't have any knowledge about this procedure just read the whole article for you to find out and give your valuable insights if it is really effective or not.

What exactly is the Medifast Diet?

It is easy! It is predominantly a liquid diet which is made up of approximately 70 different varieties of meal selections which are consumed in place of traditional meals.

How much calories can you lose per day using this weight loss program?

Around 1000 calories you can lose on a given day using this program. The diet plan involve stands out without a doubt because it is very satisfying even if the number of calorie that you are going to reduce is very low that you are virtually have to cut down in weight in order to continue with the liquid diet program!

Is it entirely made up of liquids or there are few solid meals as well?

It's not completely liquids whenever you don't wish it to be. A lot of options Medifast diet offers are solid meal substitute like bars, eggs, just to name a few - but the selections that made it notable for are soups, coffee's, shakes, and a lot more. It is as well important to remember that you will have a green and lean meal everyday which are made up of green leafy vegetables and lean protein that you will personally choose.

How much body weight can I drop using the Medifast diet program?

It apparently changes for every individual who will go through with the diet plan! But more people drop down from 3-5 pounds in a week (that's the normal average base on the Medifast record) with numerous people accounting for losing at least 20 pounds each month they continue with their respective liquid diet plan. That's the goodness of weight loss which is merely changing the lives and physical condition of every people around the world. Well if you have not lost extra weight using any kind of liquid diet program, you don't have to blame yourself! The key to obtain a well figured body is proper education, information and knowledge.