Saturday, March 6, 2010

Easy Solutions for Your Child's Liquid Diet

The worst things that a parent can experience is feeding a sick child. It would be a difficult challenge if your child has to go through certain types of food restrictions. If a child need to undergo a certain kind of surgery, the physician may require a liquid diet. What are the best possible solutions that you can do to keep a liquid diet healthy and interesting for your child? Here are five easy resolutions, almost all of this are available at your nearest grocery store. Don't forget, to consult your child's physician first when preparing a liquid diet.

1. Pediasure for your child: This is the most common liquid diet for a child. Are you familiar with Ensure? This is a highly nutritious supplement recommended for adult. Both Pediasure and Ensure products are made by one company. If your child was place under liquid diet there's a good chance that your doctor might recommend Pediasure. The Pediasure product website provide a handful of liquid diet recipes in pdf format. Few, like hot chocolate or even smoothies are some of best liquid diet recipes available.

2. Liquid diet soup: We know that, whenever your child is going on liquid diet, they might get sick of shakes and drinks and may ask you to prepare for a hot food whenever they wish to. Virtually, whatever type of soup could be blended well, however if you want to get onto your child's dieting, this is an added good alternative. Campbell's soup products creates this great line of delicious soup, which is intended to be drunk in directly from it's container, instead of being consumed using a spoon. You should checkout the labels, because some forms or mixtures may contain unlikable ingredients. The blended vegetable or tomato are great selections for a liquid diet.

3. Yogurt as drinks: Yoplait or Dannon can be made into drinks. Each one is designed and formulated for kids. The nice presentation and packaging alone is very appealing especially for kids. If you think that your child loves yogurt, they will surely enjoy these, and the nice consistency is the key to make it a good choice for a liquid diet. And also can be use as one of your primary ingredients in your fruit base smoothies.

4. Instant chocolate drinks: Yup, they still do this, and instant chocolate like Ovaltine (preferably not malted) is very tasteful. Consider it as fully enhanced vitamin rich chocolate milk. And yet, it produces few wonderfully taste frozen chocolate drinks that will surely please your child's tastebud. Put the chocolate in a blender together with ice and milk, then be inventive. You can add a bananan for an additional nutrients and to thicken up the mixture. Peanut butter and frozen berries can also be a good option.

5. Multi-Vitamins in liquid form: If you would like to make a liquid diet more nutritious and boose your child immune system, think of adding multi-vitamins made up of liquid. There are various choices available that you can use. Picking out a flavourless vitamins will give you an option to directly add it on smoothies, fruit juices, and many other.